Friday, June 4, 2010


Cuti dah start!!

smlm da abes pekse,, Physic n chemst Ppr3.. blh r than.. SO....
Skrg da CUTI!! xsngke midterm da hbis.. nnt trial,, then SPM.
time flies when having fun.. need to focus on my studies.. i want to get exellent results..
ye r kn.. cite2 nk msok university.. klu xdpt dlm ngre,, overseas pon boleh.. t'ingin nk g UK.. AGAIN!!
miss my childhood.. why cant i go back in time??

ok,, skrg nk bgtau.. cuti da mule.. ad 15 hri nk cuti strt esok.. TETAPI..
kelas tambahan!! isnin - rbu.. kls tmbhn skola.. khms jumaat, isnin-rbu (2nd week),, ckg samat what kelas MATH..
only 4 days to rest and holiday.. but is it still enough?? how abut stdying?? homework??
so much to do but so little time.. why cant it be simple??

my point here is..
its holiday+study time..
dont waste precious time...
so life your life to the fullest!!
no turning back!!


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