Friday, March 25, 2011

Driving license

Now i can drive, drift and drag. hehehe

Ice Skating

24th of march, Thursday,,

today pergi sunway pyramid!! nak ice skating.. we were all invited by ALINA ATHIRA,, hehe
planned a week before. so all of us ada 6 gurls and 3 boys. Alina, naja, hanis, umi izzati, yan, ika, izzat, azam and me. hehe. we arrived at sunway around 12 and straight to the ice skating area. hehe. i was thrilled. the girls had a few snaps of pic and then put our belongings in the lokers and went in. sangatsangat licin. haha. i didnt know how to move. stuck like pole. if i moved, i guessed i would fall. so among the 3 of us. we were finding who will colapse first. the winner goes to naja. we all had a butterflies in our stomach. i slowly hold on to the side and started moving slowly. bit by bit, one leg after the other. before i new it, i was able to ice skate :)
alina, yan and hanis looked like they were used to ice skating. one by one, each of us had our own falls. it was fun and joyfull. hehe. in the end. we all had blisters on our feet but is worth it.

after ice skating we prayed and went to fill our bodies with energy. we went to pizza hut! we ordered 4 different pizza. our stomach were full!! after that we walk around sunway pyramid and went out to take the bus back to kelana jaya LRT. when we arrived at the lrt, its time for the boys to seperate with the girls,, :(
they were going home while we had other plans. we made a pit stop to izzat's house at pj for our prayers and dinner and out for shopping at One Utama. we bought what our hearts desire and didnt went home empty handed. so it was a great day. each of us had their joy. A fantastic day!

p/s: thanx for the chocolate. nice to get to see your smile again :)

23rd march

mungkin lambat beberapa hari,
just want to tell about my SPM result day + driving retest hehe,,

driving test at nine and result out at 11.
i was rushing all about that day. i was the 92nd person to test. such a looonnngg que.. F***!!
i gain my patient and text my friends. thanx God that it was quick. when time struck 10.30 i got into a car and drived.
i finally passed with flyng colours.
then i rused and picked azam from his house and raced to school.
when i arrived.. most of the student already taken their results.. so rushed to the main hall. my friends ada yang happy, sad, shocked etc;

when i reached my slip. haha not bad and not excelent.

C+ add math!! hahaha.

but life must go on. it seems like Asasi UIAM is my GOAL for now. hehe.
all my SAHABAT,, see you there :)