Friday, March 25, 2011

23rd march

mungkin lambat beberapa hari,
just want to tell about my SPM result day + driving retest hehe,,

driving test at nine and result out at 11.
i was rushing all about that day. i was the 92nd person to test. such a looonnngg que.. F***!!
i gain my patient and text my friends. thanx God that it was quick. when time struck 10.30 i got into a car and drived.
i finally passed with flyng colours.
then i rused and picked azam from his house and raced to school.
when i arrived.. most of the student already taken their results.. so rushed to the main hall. my friends ada yang happy, sad, shocked etc;

when i reached my slip. haha not bad and not excelent.

C+ add math!! hahaha.

but life must go on. it seems like Asasi UIAM is my GOAL for now. hehe.
all my SAHABAT,, see you there :)

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