Sunday, December 12, 2010

Activity After SPM

After 8 disember,,
what to do??

a) work partime
-aquaria klcc?
-swimming instructor?

b) English learning
improve my english skils

c) diving coarse?
- interesting,, ican work as a diver..
-but were shall i go??

d) drivers license
-ive already have P for 2 wheels
- L for cars..
- so lazy to attend the drivers ed.

e) my frieand suggest me to marry? (izzats idea)
-im too young la..
-dont want to think about serious relationships now.
-i have a whole lifetime ahead.

what to do?
im confiused.. i dont want to do nothing at home.
i have 9 months to fill up..
how about doing everything above?
hows that? ok??
any ideas friend??

how about we work together?
sounds great right?
hope to still keep contact

all the best in life!!

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