Sunday, December 19, 2010



actually nak post lme da,, tpy xde kesempatan.
nak bagitau, i went for a swim at uluyam.

13 disember..

i woke up aerly,, eager sial.. after suboh tak tido.. its an unusaul thing for me :)
then hafiz called and said he is a little late. he told me he will come at 10. WHAT!!
so late.. ill skip until we are about to go.. hehe.. kitorg pergi 5 people but 2 motorbikes.. me, hafiz, hafizuddin, izzat and zakwan Z.
me, hafiz, izzat and zudin gerak dulu. zakwan waited at school. its an half an hour journey to rumah apiz. so far away. his house is near batang kali. when we arrived,, i was given the task to pick up zakwan..
thats interesting. bawak motor nak gila.. SANGATSANGAT LAJU.. adrenaline rush.. aku sendiri terkejut. i no time da smpi skola. then patah balik rumah apiz..

ok ill skip lagi. apiz bawak pgy tempat dulu.. sblom mandi take pic..

then change clothes.

then SPLASHHH!! every one accept izzat didnt swim.. he said,, mak aku tak bagi,, aku tak nak derhaka.. aku anak yang baik.. WOW.. that from izzat?? bak kata syira.. POYO SUCI..

the water so COLD!!

we went out late so we finished late..
hafiz plak kene anta zakwan balik.. ktorg habis at 4.00 o'clock. huhuhu.
so late. then when hafiz arrived back at the site,, we went back to gombak.
i decided to stay at izzats house.. hafiz followed me. so, hntr zudin balik and went straight ti izzats house, PJ. haha. far right? near OU. we arrived at izzats house at 6.30 and had rest.
when night comes,, izzats father treated us PIZZA HUT and KFC.. finger licking GOOOODD!!

the next day we went to OU. we bought the same clothes. and its thier turn to sleep at my house. its like a RUMAH BUJANG.. haha. nobody at home exceot us 3 people. independent!! haha. sronok.. that night tgk movie until 2a.m.

15 disember i had to go to my village. so we seperated..
--boring nak balik kampung-- huhu.

thats all,, sekian.. hehe

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